Remedial + Enrichment


Remedial programs are usually used to build basic skills. Most remedial programs target reading and math weaknesses. Remedial instruction can help struggling learners shore up their basic skills. 

Remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what he’s expected to know. They often target reading or math skills. In many cases, students are removed from their regular classroom and taught in another setting. Many students require extra help. We will make it easy and fun for your little one to be taught in our environment. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers.

Why Us?

We are specialised in the remedial field. We offer fun sessions where learners fill the gaps without even realising they are doing actual work.

What do we do?

We fill the gaps! Whenever a learner needs that extra bit of help to make him / her a successful learner, scholastically, we are the team you need. We have programmes to help fill the gap your child is missing.

Enrichment education is designed to challenge the learners who achieve great results in their normal day to day academic work. These learners sometimes get bored with the normal work and pace of work. We want to enrich these learner’s knowledge by doing exciting and challenging additional work.