To overcome their learning barriers or enrich learner’s knowledge.

Learning Barriers with
Remedial Therapy.

A puzzle can’t be completed if there is a missing piece.

Remedial education is designed to help students who are scholastically behind and who are not on the same level as their peers. We assist them in reaching the right level academically where they will feel comfortable and confident enough to perform well. We assist students in order to achieve expected competencies in academic skills such as literacy and numeracy. We go back to basics and fill the missing gaps.

It gives us great pleasure to help and support learners that struggles in certain learning areas. We see life as a puzzle. A puzzle can’t be completed if there is a missing piece. With learners it is exactly the same. Sometimes there is only a piece of the puzzle that is missing and we want to find this missing piece to complete the puzzle. Through helping the learners to overcome their learning barriers, we are trying to better their achievements and their self-esteem.

Enrichment education is designed to challenge the learners who achieve great results in their normal day to day academic work. These learners sometimes get bored with the normal work and pace of work. We want to enrich these learner’s knowledge by doing exciting and challenging additional work.